Monday, October 26, 2009

Recipes from an 8 year old

I created a blog (Bayli Bop- Recipes for kids) for my 8 year old sister, who also loves to cook! I told her that I would love to share her ideas if she had any and quickly received the following email:

"hello here is some resipes that i want you to put on our blog!

               flippy funny pancakes!

first make a pancake then buy a can of whipped cream
a bag of choclate chips and some other candy get the
pancakes then get out the wipped cream make
wiskers eyes and ears and make a little tounge
sticking out if you want you could evan
sprinkle a little bit of candy on it.

         summer cool

 first you go to the store and buy vanilla
and sugar if need (milk) go home and
get a cup out of the pantry or coberd
poor milk in a cup get ice and put it
in the cup put one drop of vanilla
put one spoonfull of sugar in it then
done. "

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