Friday, September 11, 2009

How to Make a Real Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

Once in a blue moon I don't know what to make for dinner and end up making... well... Tacos!!! But sometimes we just had tacos and I'm left with making something really pathetic. Last night, it was the good ol' Grilled Cheese Sandwich. As I was making them I realized that I need to share my delicious secrets that make grilled cheese worth eating!

First of all, you HAVE to use good bread!

Second, you HAVE to use good cheese! We like to throw in different types (we've even tried a
little cream cheese, key word there is little!)

Adding some caramelized onions is pretty delicious! Fresh tomatoes are amazing too.

Now, this is the critical step!
Add BBQ sauce! Just spread it as if it were butter on the inside of the sandwich before grilling it. It makes the world of difference!

Then you have to eat it with some salad and vinaigrette just to make yourself feel better about the lazy, unhealthy sandwich you just ate!

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